galvplusindonesia – HTTP Injector is a professional tool to set custom HTTP header. It’s used to connect your SSH/Proxy with custom header and also it can access blocked websites behind firewall with SSH tunneling support & proxy server 

This tools is for professional users only

– Connected but no internet? Please tick Google DNS and DNS Forwarding

– Crashing or having problem? Email us to get it resolved

Manual :

Features :

– Secure your connection using SSH tunnel

– Modify outgoing requests.

– No root needed [Choose between VPN mode or iptables (root)]

– Specify alternate proxy servers to send a request through

– Provide alternate headers and ability to strip headers from incoming http responses

– Build in Host Checker and IP Hunter

– Build in SSH client (Similar to Bitvise)

– Payload Generator

– Support Android 4.0 to Android 7.0

– Google DNS / DNS Proxy

– Data Compression

– IP Route

– Battery saver

– Ability to change buffer size, etc

Provider Mode

– Exported config is encrypted

– Lock and protect the settings from users

– Set custom message for customer

– Hardware ID lock

How to use:

Import config file created by other users (You can find it in your local group/group chats)


Use payload generator with normal mode if you don’t know how to write the payload

Method 1 (SSH)

– Fill in proxy and SSH server info and press start

Method 2 (VPN)

– Uncheck “Start SSH” and fill in payload & proxy and press start

– On your VPN, set it to listen

Example for OpenVPN:

You have to add http-proxy 8989 and bypass route route replace_to_your_remote_proxy_ip net_gateway (change “replace_to_your_remote_proxy_ip” to IP) to your VPN config.

Beta Tester:

HTTP Injector Versi 4.1.0 build 58

HTTP Injector Versi 4.1.0 build 58

What’s New
🎉 Latest update is finally here

Build 59 Support Loow Memory devices

Security Issues

[Added] Build in servers selection, tether unlocker, save generator settings, Android 7.1 support

[Improved] Connection system & Security & speed

– bug fixes and many more!

Thank you for your continuous support towards HTTP Injector app

Additional information


November 29, 2016


1,000,000 – 5,000,000


Current Version



Requires Android

4.0.3 and up

Download : HTTP Injector 4.1.0 build 59


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